Building Wealth, Eliminating Debt, and Securing Financial Freedom – Part One -

Continuing on Mindset, the Financial Version

First, if you have not read my article on getting your mind set right, I suggest you start there. It is not specific to financials, but covers how to adjust your approach. This is extremely important in the world of financial improvement as you make many financial decisions every day.

Welcome to Part One!

I have always had a lot interest in how to make my money work for me. Meaning that I am getting the most out of my money. This involved things like spending wisely, paying off debt, avoiding new debt, paying credit cards in full every month, and making energy efficient improvements to my house. Living paycheck to paycheck is never fun and feeling like your money is being wasted in ways you cannot control is quite the downer as well. This series is going to cover various topics that ultimately help you get out of debt. The required steps are not easy, and there will be sacrifice, but the reward is so very worth it.

Are You Ready?

You can make small changes that help you out. And if you came here for some quick tips, I am full of them. Stay tuned. But… to really improve your financial situation, to make things tremendously easier for the long term, you have to be ready to make serious changes and stick to them. You need to be ready to change your lifestyle. This is never fun, especially if you are very accustomed to one way of living. This is why I want to prep you. If you go gung ho into this without preparing yourself mentally, chances are you flame out before you have even helped yourself.

Let’s Talk to Ourselves!

Is this going to be a trend... Yup! I want you to be successful, I really do. I think a lot of people are not brought up with a good knowledge of how to manage their money, control their spending, and make wise financial decisions. Making these changes in adulthood can be a major change, and I want you to be ready. With that being said, tell yourself the following:

I am going to be excited when I see debt fading away!

I am going to be excited about making changes that save money!

I am going to be proud of myself when I make good financial decisions!

When times get tough, I am going to be proud that I am sticking to my plan!

This is Just an Intro

This is a primer, to get you in the right state of mind. Future topics that we will be covering include:

Understanding your financial situation

Building and saving money

Investigating Your Debt

Creating a Debt Pay Off Plan