Affording Shakeology & And Is it a Fit for You? -

My Initial Reaction to Shakeology

“Gosh, that is some expensive shit!”. I like saving money and I also like healthy decisions and products. That made Shakeology a very tricky decision for me because I wanted to try it, but I sure didn’t to spend 130 dollars a month. The more I read about the product itself and peoples results, the more I wanted it.

A Little Bit About Shakeology

It is not a protein shake, not a weight loss supplement, and not a weight gainer. It is a health shake. I mean this in a positive way. It has healthy protein in it, but not an abundance of protein intended for those trying to gain mass muscle. Through its natural nutritional profile and ability to replace unhealthy meals it promotes weight loss. It provides a wide array a nutrition that you could never eat in a day (all the sources). It is not loaded with fat burner products like caffeine and other untested products that can be negative towards your health. Just a balanced, natural, low calorie, nutrient dense, and extremely tasty meal option that makes you healthier.

If you would like to know more, here is some propaganda from their website (I can’t help myself, I really do like their product):

Shakeology Site

Success Stories

Making Shakeology Affordable

If you are like me, you saw that you were going to have to spend 130 a month and instantly started talking yourself out of the product. It was seriously like having the little angle on one shoulder and the little devil on the other. One was saying “Don’t spend your hard earned money” while the other was saying “Oh, just try it, it isn’t going to hurt anyone”. In the end, I ended up having two little angles on my shoulders with only positive takeaways.

One angle gloated about how healthy the product was and how I was helping my body.

The other was raving about how we were saving money while loving this expensive product. Yes, saving money.

So here is what I did and I understand this may not work for everyone, but hopefully you can find similar opportunities. I identified my most expensive meal. Generally, this was lunch. I work about 45 minutes from home and either need to pack a lunch or eat out. Eating out was usually at least seven dollars a meal and that was on the light side. Even if I packaged a lunch, the cost added up but not as much as eating out. Now, the 130-dollar cost of Shakeology divided by 30 days is 4.33 per day. So, what I did was replaced my most expensive and usually least healthy meal with Shakeology. Because it was a liquid meal, I added two or three hard boiled eggs and maybe a fruit or veggie. This would keep me full for a very long time, is tremendously healthier than what I was eating, and most days saved me money over what I would have ate. If this does not translate to you, what other opportunities do you have to save money that could be used for this? That fancy coffee? Heck if you have to, downgrade to regular coffee and skip the five-dollar option. Cigarettes? You are trying to be healthier right? Snack foods? They add up. Point being, I am guessing there is something you are spending money on that could be replaced.

Who Shakeology Is and Is Not a Fit For

Is a Fit: If you often eat out or purchase pre-prepared meals most likely void of nutrition. You can dramatically improve your health while enhancing your pocket book.

Is a Fit: People that can afford 130 a month without identifying savings. Good for you for being in this position. Not only can you improve your health but you can give yourself time back as Shakeology is so quick to make and easy to have on the go!

Is Not a Fit: People whose daily meals already consist of balanced, nutrient dense, low carbohydrate ingredients. Nothing beats real food and the nutrition you get from fresh produce via a variety of sources. Now Shakeology can provide an even greater spectrum of nutrition, but I would never tell anyone that Shakeology is better or replaces eating quality nutrient dense foods.

Is a Fit: Anyone that wants to improve their nutrient intake. The typical American diet and many others, just don’t have the nutrition they should. Truth is, it is not cost effective or business savvy to make mass manufactured foods that are truly healthy.

Is a Fit: People that want to lose weight. Now again, it does not have crazy weight loss additives. It does not have magical ingredients that make weight start to fall off. But think of it this way. Let’s say you replace that 1,200 calorie McDonalds lunch with a 300 calorie shake. Not only are you going to save 900 calories every time, but you are providing your body with nutrients your body craves.

Is a Fit: For anyone that has trouble with sugar cravings. This may have been the most helpful part for me. I really struggle with sugar cravings and once I give in, I don’t stop. I found that when I started craving something sugary which usually meant something chocolate based, that my chocolate shake completely took care of the craving.

Is a Fit: For anyone that likes chocolate. If you have ever had a protein shake, there is a good chance you hated it. It is very rare that they actually take good. The thing with Shakeology is it actually tastes really good. It is more of a treat than a meal replacement. Now, I can only speak to the chocolate vegan. Of the countless bags I have had shipped to my house, I have only had this flavor. What can I say, I loved it and never had interest in switching it up! I will say that I only hear good things about the other flavors. One thing I have heard is that people like the chocolate vegan more than regular chocolate. I would suggest starting with the vegan products if you are open to that as I feel avoiding dairy is generally a good idea.


Sometimes when reading reviews about Shakeology, the first thing people say is: “I am not a coach”, as if this somehow promotes their credibility. I am a coach. Why? Well, glad you asked. Because I do like this product, I do think it is high quality, I do think it helps people fill a void in their diet, I believe it helps make people healthier, and believe it can be part of a plan to lose weight when needed. As of writing this article, I have signed up 0 people to Shakeology. This is because I wanted to use the product first and formulate an opinion over time so I could provide an honest opinion. One thing that does annoy me about this company, is that people immediately start selling it when they are new to it themselves. How can you go telling other people they need to spend their hard earned money on something without having an experience yourself? Anyways, I have been taking it for a long time now (I honestly don’t even know how long anymore) and I feel like I can provide an honest evaluation.

If you feel I have helped you and don’t mind helping me out, please use my coach id when you purchase if you decide to. Any questions, feel free to use the contact link at the bottom of the website.

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