Overcoming life-halting back spasms and fatigue. My journey through self-care and eventually finding the answers -

Set The Stage

I was your typical kid in high school, eating horrible foods, drinking pop like I thought it was going to run out, and highly active. Meaning I stayed skinny throughout high school and never had a reason to believe my choices would catch up with me. After high school I got a job that resulted in me sitting in my cubicle for at least eight hours a day. I upgraded my beverage consumption to include at least one fancy coffee daily, loaded with sugar and caffeine. Fast forward seven months, and I have gained seventy pounds (Yes, you read that right). The good news; I still felt healthy!

Houston, We Have a Problem!

Fast forward another four years. I have gained a few more pounds, but mostly hanging around the 250-pound range. This is good, as I am no longer gaining weight like a cow with four stomachs, right? Not exactly, as two major problems have developed. First, fatigue. When I say fatigue, I don’t mean feeling tired. Remember when you were a kid, and you wanted to stay up so bad? You would be doing everything you could to stay awake but your head just kept dropping and snapping back up. You eventually lose the battle and are out cold. This was me, in the middle of my work day, after getting 10 hours of sleep the night before. I would fight to stay awake during work, fight to stay awake during the drive home, and then get home with plans to do something with my night. I would sit down to take my shoes off and then wake up a few hours later. My body would just shut me down. Second, I would get these back spasms that made it so I could barely breath. I would have pain from my knees to my jaw. It would feel like I had a dagger about one inch around going through my back and out my chest. If I was not able to look down at my chest, I could probably have been convinced there was a hole there, it hurt that bad. It hurt so bad that I eventually went to the ER because I was convinced I was having a heart attack, only to be told I was not. This left me in a terrifying state of, what is going on with me? What do you do?

You Go to the Doctor!

Long story short, I explain all these issues you have just learned of to the doctor. I am expecting tests, some serious knowledge to be dropped my way, or maybe some prescriptions to be tried. What I am told is, “You need to go on an anti-depressant”. Now, mind you, I have never been depressed in any way shape or form. I am a pretty happy person. He could see the confusion on my face and explained that anti-depressants are used for more than depression. You’re the doctor, I thought. A month goes by and my issues remain as bad as day one. Except one new complication has arisen… I am now extremely depressed. Honestly, these pills were really messing me up. I go back to the doctor to have him explain that I just need a different anti-depressant. I start taking these and the only change is my depression is increasing. I go back. Again, you need a different anti-depressant. This time with a spiel about how this one is different and should work. This time, the depression is through the roof. All I want to do is cry all day, and I am NOT a crier. He never had any interest in resolving my problems. Only wanted to find a pill that may mask things for the rest of my live. Considering I was in my twenties, I was much more interested in fixing the problem and realized going to the doctor was not helping.

I Can Fix This!

I went on a research rampage for years trying to figure this out. I tried so many supplements it was ridiculous (which I do not recommend). God knows how much money I spent. I was convinced that I was either not getting enough of something, or that I needed to kill off something bad inside of me. I tried product after product with mostly non-existent results. Call me your guinea pig. Then the moment it all changed. I started keeping a food journal. I would remove certain foods from my diet and then add them back. I would tweak things, remove major food categories, and try removing verify specific ingredients. This was by no means an overnight thing, but I figured out which foods were causing me problems. I removed these foods permanently and it made a world of difference. With the addition of a couple supplements, I would say I feel 95 percent better than I did before. That five percent is peanuts compared to how I used to feel. Every once and a while I slip and go back to those foods, and my body quickly reminds me that it is not going to tolerate such behavior.

Stay Tuned!

I plan to write many articles explaining what has helped me. This would be way too much for this single page, and I would prefer to break it up into subjects. Create a bookmark and check back often. I am so hopeful that my experience can help others.