How To Build Your Own Peloton Indoor Cycling Bike With Peloton Digital -

Benefits of Building Your Own Peloton Indoor Cycling Bike

The Peloton is a great bike and if you get it, chances are you will love it. The problem is that everyone cannot justify or are willing to spend roughly 2,400 dollars on a home gym option. To enhance that concern, the monthly subscription fee for Peloton users is 39 dollars a month compared to 12.99 for Peloton Digital users. Factor in that you can get into your own Indoor Cycling bike for as low as 130 dollars for entry level bikes and the savings start looking good. Higher quality options exist 550 to 800 dollar range and higher that we will cover and still provide a significant savings over the Peloton itself.

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Building Your Own Peloton Digital Indoor Cycling Bike

First, You Need the Indoor Cycling Bike

The wonderful part of building your own Peloton Digital bike is that you can really control the price. I have 3 models below. An entry level by Sunny, which if your budget is low, this gets you exercising at minimal cost. If your budget allows, the other two models include magnetic resistance which I am a big fan of. The higher end Sunny listed below is a high-quality bike with a big flywheel, tablet holder, and quality build. If you choose either of the Sunny models, you would maximize your Peloton experience by adding a heart rate monitor, cadence monitor, and hand weights listed later in this document. If you choose the IC4, this has a cadence monitor built in so you can skip this step. It also has a display that shows resistance which makes following Peloton instructor guidance much easier.

Cadence Monitor

Having a cadence monitor is critical. During rides, Peloton instructors will tell you what cadence (how fast to cycle) to be at. Without a cadence monitor, you really have no idea what you are doing. With a cadence monitor, this data is provided to the Peloton Digital app and displayed on the screen for you. This makes it extremely easy to know what you are currently at and meet the instructor’s requirements. Some bikes have this built in (IC4). If the bike you purchase does not, I strongly recommend getting the Wahoo unit linked below. I have tested this, it works great, installs in seconds, and easily connects to the Peloton Digital app every time.

Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate monitor is not a must have, but I would recommend it to anyone diving into riding with Peloton Digital. Much like the cadence sensor, it displays your current heart rate on the screen. It also constantly updates which heart rate zone you are in. This helps if you are targeting a specific type of cardio or exercise. It also pairs with some rides that are based off your heart rate zone. In addition to this, it can help you realize if you are not pushing yourself as hard as you think you are. I also find it motivational as I try to keep my heart rate at a certain level to know I am burning a good number of calories. The model linked below is what most Peloton riders have it and it works fantastic.

Hand Weights

Some rides take a break from intense riding to do lifting exercises with hand weights. These are more of a cardio lift then heavy weight lifting. You will spend 5 minutes or so depending on the ride doing movements with the weights. As these movements last for a while, you do not need overly heavy weights. I would recommend getting 1, 2, or 3 pound weights. I like these rides as a change of pace every once and a while and to engage different muscles. If it were me, I would get these as the cost is low, but it really depends on if you would do those rides or not.

Loading the Peloton Digital App

Once you have the products previously mentioned, all you need to do is get the Peloton Digital App setup. This requires installing the app on your favorite device. As of this writing, Apple, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and devices that can display websites are all supported. Install, setup your profile, pick a ride, and get your ride on! Notice that many other types of workout are available with the app including running, Yoga, meditation, and stretching. This is more than just an option to pair with your Indoor Cycling bike.


For what I feel is a very reasonable price, the Peloton Digital App offers a lot of workout options. I think most would feel it helps them with getting much better workouts and draws them to working out more often. Get the bike of your choice, slap on your cadence and heart rate monitors, and get riding! Enjoy!