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Best Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Tracker for the Peloton Bike -

There is a fair amount of confusion over heartrate monitors when it comes to the Peloton Bike. Some of this is because Peloton offers an accessory package that includes its own heart rate monitor. Why would you not add that real quick and be done with it? Well, in short, because it stinks.

Peloton App & Spin Bike Versus Peloton Bike. Save Your Money??? -

As a Peloton Bike owner, I can say it is an awesome product. I can also say that it is not the only option. The Peloton bike is a quality product. The user experience through the tablet is amazing. But… a large percentage of this user experience is available through the Peloton App. So instead of spending 2 to 3 thousand dollars on the Peloton Bike, why not spend 200 to 800 on a quality bike and use the Peloton app instead? The attached video and this article help to tackle this question.

Peloton Bike - Top 20 Questions Answered (Concerns, Products, Care, and More!) -

The YouTube video on this webpage outlines the top 20 questions new Peloton Bike owners run into. I recommend watching the video to get all of the information provided. Multiple products\links\resources are referenced to help with various situations. The purpose of this page is to provide a clearer look into these items and make the links easily accessible.