Peloton Bike - Top 20 Questions Answered (Concerns, Products, Care, and More!) -


The YouTube video on this webpage outlines the top 20 questions new Peloton Bike owners run into. I recommend watching the video to get all of the information provided. Multiple products\links\resources are referenced to help with various situations. The purpose of this page is to provide a clearer look into these items and make the links easily accessible.


Shoe Options

These cycling shoes all have high ratings and include the mounting points for the Look Delta clip-in type required for Peloton Bikes. Make sure to verify if the shoe you select comes with Look Delta Cleat. If not you will need to purchase those. They are linked below (Look Delta Bi Material Cleat).

Pedals Squeaking When out of saddle

The teflon spray can be used to try and fix your existing cleats without replacing them. This has worked for many. For a more complete solution, replace your cleats to the bi-material version linked here.

Hotels with Peloton

The following link will take you to a group dedicated to maintaining a list of hotels with Peloton Bikes.

Cheaper or alternative mat options

This a mat that is commonly ordered to save money over the Peloton version and has been well reviewed.

Do you fit on the Peloton?

The official Peloton Bike size requirements page states that riders up to 6'5" and 305 lb are supported. I know many people on the forums have comments being taller and heavier than this. If heavier, it is suggested that you remain in saddle until you meet the weight requirement.

Can you Cast to a TV?

All of these devices have had users report positive experiences when casting their Peloton Bike to their TV. I personally use the Roku and love it.

Bike bar towel (SPINTOWEL 2.0)

One great thing about the Peloton Bike is that it will make you sweat! The bad thing, you are getting your bike wet every day. The SPINTOWEL 2.0 helps protect the bike where you sweat the most!

Electrolyte\Pre-Workout Drink?

The Nuun Tablets and Ultima Replenisher come highly recommended on the Peloton forum. A lot of people use and really enjoy these products to push their exercise to the next level. BeetVO2Max is my own addition. Helps boost nitric acid, provides branched chain amino acids, and has many other natural performance enhancement properties.

Seathort for Com\Sfort

This largely depends on what you think you need. We have links for a gel seat cover and padded shorts which many people have had success with. If you would like to replace your seat, a lot of people have enjoyed this product.

What products people use to clean

These are the most common items people use to clear their Peloton Bike. Although, make sure you do not use the Clorox wipes on the screen.

Favorite ear buds

What is a Tabata ride? Or insert other ride type here.