Best Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Tracker for the Peloton Bike -


There is a fair amount of confusion over heartrate monitors when it comes to the Peloton Bike. Some of this is because Peloton offers an accessory package that includes its own heart rate monitor. Why would you not add that real quick and be done with it? Well, in short, because it stinks. A lot of people have used it and had decent results, so I am not saying it is terrible. But so many people have had it fail only a month or two after starting to use it. A lot of people have difficulties getting it to work each ride. So many people have comments about moving away from this device that there is no way I could suggest people purchase the Peloton brand heart rate monitor.

Heart Rate Monitor

What I do Recommend

Simply put, the Scosche Rhythm+. This is highly recommended in the Peloton community with so many people having positive things to say. To date, I don’t think I have seen one negative comment. It is simple, works great, syncs every time, and provides more accurate heart rate information than other options. I recently started using the Rhythm+ as well and love it. It takes the Peloton ride up a notch. While not a requirement, the on-screen information it provides (Heart rate and Heart Rate Zone) give me yet another thing to pay attention to, goal to try and achieve (zones), and historical information to look over. This keeps me engaged and working out harder (Which is the point, right?).

The upgraded version, the Scosche Rhythm24 may be worth consideration as well. While the plus model will be more than enough for most, here are reasons you may want to consider the 24 model. Improved sensors which provide more accurate readings for darker skin tones and tattoos. Improved battery and sweatproof\waterproof design. The look is also improved including a heart rate zone indicator right on the device. I strongly believe you would be happy with either model, but now you have some information to help you decide.

Fitness Tracker

Should You Get a Fitness Tracker?

I really enjoy having a Fitbit. I get to monitor how I am doing throughout the day. I get quality information about my sleep quality and sleep cycles. I work to improve my resting heart rate. I have a much better idea of how much exercise I am getting and the quality of it. Everyone is different, but the most important thing I track is calorie burn. I try to keep my calories at a certain level every day and making sure my calorie burn is under that helps me keep myself on track for weight loss.

Should you get a Fitbit or other fitness tracker for the Peloton Bike. Outside of syncing your ride data to the Fitbit, the bike and Fitbit do nothing for each other. The Fitbit is a health decision that you make outside of the Peloton Bike. So, separate the two and device if you think this is something you would take advantage of, but do not feel like it enhances the Peloton experience. I do recommend the Fitbit as I really enjoy what it provides, but I don’t want anyone misinformed and thinking it ties into the Peloton Bike.

Models I Recommend

I want to recommend the Fitbit Charge 3 but the reviews are terrible. That is unfortunate. My wife has the Versa and it works great. The reviews are also pretty good, so if you want to get a Fitbit, that is what I would recommend. If you want a smart watch\Fitness tracker, I would recommend the Apple Watch. I have the Fitbit Ionic which is the Fitbit version of a smart watch. I really enjoy it and it works great, but it really is not much of a “smart watch”. If you are looking for true smart watch functionality, get the Apple watch. I know a lot of people that have it, and they all love it. So really, you need to ask yourself if you are interested it fitness tracking or fitness tracking and smart watch. If just fitness tracking information, I would get the Versa which is at a pretty good price point. If you want both, the Apple watch will most likely make you happy. Good luck!