Peloton App & Indoor Cycling Bike Versus Peloton Bike. Save Your Money??? -


As a Peloton Bike owner, I can say it is an awesome product. I can also say that it is not the only option. The Peloton bike is a quality product. The user experience through the tablet is amazing. Butů a large percentage of this user experience is available through the Peloton App. So instead of spending 2 to 3 thousand dollars on the Peloton Bike, why not spend 200 to 800 on a quality bike and use the Peloton app instead? The attached video and this article help to tackle this question.

Pros and Cons

What You Don't Lose By Using the App

The large portion of the Peloton magic. The Peloton bike is amazing quality but the attached monitor and the user experience and content you reach through it is where the magic is. When using the app, the same content is available. A lot of the same functionality is there. The motivation you get from the instructors and the guidance remains. Without the app, you are doing the same ride every single day. This can get boring and it can become difficult to motivate yourself to work out or push yourself. With the Peloton App, the instructors are telling you to change riding styles, change resistance, and change speed. The can often result in a better workout than you would have done yourself. Because of the instruction led course with different instructors and different ride types, it is not boring like riding on your own can become making it easier to want to keep working out.

What You Do Lose By Using The App

The competitive portion. When riding the Peloton Bike, it knows how fast you are cycling. It knows how much resistance you have set. It can calculate your effort and place you on a leaderboard real-time. Depending on your personality, this can be very motivating. You can push yourself to match or beat other riders as well as your previous records. This is one of my favorite parts because it adds a new element and gives me something to push for. Other people could really care less. They just want an instructor with the right personality helping them and making things interesting. What motivates you is probably the most important part in deciding which option is best for you.

Product For the Peloton App Solution


Below are some quality bike options to pair with the Peloton app. The Sunny bike is probably the most popular model to pair with the app. It is a quality bike at a good price point for what you get. Bodycraft is probably the highest quality but does cost more. The xerpeutic is not in the same class as the others but could be a great option for those looking to dip their toes in, maybe are just starting their health journey, and have a limited budget.

Products to Improve Experience

You need a phone or tablet to make this solution work. It is best to have a mount so you can have the device where you need it and don't have to hold it.

Whatever you decide to do but, I hope the best for you and your health!